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Diabetes Management Through Activity

Our Diabetes Management through Activity program is designed to help patients transition into an exercise/fitness program to assist with managing their Diabetes. The ultimate goal is to initiate a program that is sustainable and tailored to their needs. We do this through the idea of Diabetes C.A.M.P. The C.A.M.P. acronym refers to these 4 components that are required to successfully control diabetes.

  • C = calories
  • A = activity
  • M = medication/monitoring
  • P = patience

In therapy we coordinate with the referring physician as well as diabetic educators to be sure that the patient is aware of all resources and strategies available to assist in managing this disease. Program Overview:

  • Evaluation and treatment of factors limiting activity and exercise ability (i.e. knee pain, back pain, etc)
  • Patient education regarding exercise safety, techniques, parameters, monitoring and other related diabetic management practices
  • Cardiovascular and strength training
  • Balance training
  • Review and transition to self-sustaining exercise/fitness program

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